It seems like every month the Kardashians and Jenners are accused of cultural appropriation, and here we are—yet again—with another installment of Twitter users saying Kylie Jenner wants to be a black woman.

Last night, before Kylie posted a picture of herself dressed like a disco ball for New Year’s Eve, she shared a previously unseen snap from an old photo shoot. In it, she was wearing her platinum blonde hair in twists (a style often worn by black women who are repeatedly discriminated against for wearing natural hairstyles) and pigtails. Kylie didn’t post the picture on her actual Instagram feed, but the photographers she tagged did. Twitter account Pop Radar also posted it, which is when all the comments started to roll in.

Underneath the Pop Radar post, you can see dozens of users critiquing Kylie and her family’s habit of co-opting styles like these twists. Some highlights:

On Instagram, the photographers, Luca and Alessandro Morelli, suggested this look was inspired by Gwen Stefani, who has also been accused of cultural appropriation several times. So, uh, interesting inspiration to choose there.

Check It Out Here:

The comments under Luca and Alessandro’s post included some critiques of Kylie, but some of their followers defended her and thought this could only be a good thing for black people. That’s a statement. These are just a few of the comments:

“It’s from an old old photo shoot but still ? no need to post this throwback, be smart.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Why post it now? She’s trying to start her 2020 bad.”

“Wow, love this on a white woman who’s white, dedicated to another white woman. Celebrating the biggest era of cultural appropriation in modern pop history ??? y’all were in you bags.”

“Y’all do this on purpose.”

“Y’all she’s supporting black culture. i don’t see anything wrong here, she’s not making fun of it.”

“Regardless of whether cultural appropriation is occurring, it is kind of like a double-edged sword because whichever culture is being dominated is now being celebrated by one in dominance (Kylie is a media icon hence the word dominance). This in itself should be a good thing, no?”

2020, everybody! Nothing new, apparently.


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