Prophecy Onasis says it starts with trusting your team to do their jobs without micromanaging. 

The lead shareholder Ronn Flynn who is the Founder of the company allows the creative aspects of every respected position of the company to have no boundaries. 

Founder // Ronn Flynn


Ronn Flynn understands how to team build and that is the number one reason things are working at Vuuzle.  On another hand Prophecy Onasis understands and believes in the same like-minded philosophy.  Prophecy put the dream team together that understands streaming, programmatic advertising, and the full-on enterprise-level business model behind the technology stack. Along with the CEO Ted Joseph, Chief Product Manager Joe Salvador, the Director of Ad Relations Natasha Rainey, and the Director Of Live Streaming Jock Mirow.


All of these team members are practitioners at a high level in their knowledge base in monetizing long and short-form video and the fast-growing OTT space.  The combination of the business model surrounding technology, the Vuuzle platforms, and the Vuuzle Studios that are being built and orchestrated by Ronn Flynn in Media City Dubai is on a grand scale and is second to none. This is where professional film productions, movies, and live shows will be created on a daily basis. 

“everything is symbiotic here at Vuuzle, I’vE never been apart of such a group of well-grounded team of geniuses in my life from the top positions in the company to the newest team members.”

Prophecy said “what makes him most excited is the Culture that has formed at Vuuzle Media Corporation, the positivity breeds success.  He believes this is the driving force and THAT is truly the formula that has the company so far.” 


This is why VMC (Vuuzle Media Corp) was able to develop, build, and launch 3 major platforms. Vuuzle TV,  VUMU, and Clout9.  A lot of focus, dedication, and hard work went into all of these complex applications. All 3 applications are live in the marketplace and are growing users daily. 

As we manage and maintain the technology Vuuzle Studios are set for its grand opening. 

Prophecy stated “Q1 in 2021 is going to be extraordinary. I see that Vuuzle has become a team of finishers!” 

Download VuuzleTV on IOSAndroidRoku, or online at See tons of channels and thousands of movies all free!Vuuzle is a premium streaming service that offers live video content. Such as hit television shows, news, sports, and feature-length movies.


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