Celebrity Scoop E340: Lives Of The World’s Most Famous Celebrities

Welcome to 'Celebrity Scoop', your inside look into the lives of the world's most famous celebrities. In this episode, we get to know Chrissy Teigen


Welcome to ‘Celebrity Scoop’, your inside look into the lives of the world’s most famous celebrities. 

In this episode, we get to know Chrissy Teigen

We show you some Famous Foodies

And we check how to get those perfect a-list bodies

But first we take a look at the top 3 Best Musical Fandom Nicknames

Celebrity Countdown: 

Some fans don’t just love an artist’s music, their obsession is part of their identity, and they form a community with like-minded folks. Here are our Top 3 Best Musical Fandom Nicknames.

At number three, it’s Katy Perry. A true animal lover, Katy once had a pet known as Kitty Purry. Her fans have adopted a similar theme for their nickname, and call themselves the Katy Cats. Also, the singer’s 2008 tour was titled Hello Katy.

On the second place we find Lady Gaga. Referencing the pop diva’s 2009 album ‘The Fame Monster’, those who are gaga over Gaga are known as the Little Monsters, and they refer to their beloved idol as the Mother Monster. She even has the name tattooed under her left arm.

And our top spot goes to Beyonce. Originally known as the Beyontourage, fans of Miss Knowles shifted to the term The Beyhive around 2011. They dress in black and yellow when attending her concerts, and anyone who slights her will feel their sting on social media.


The beautiful Chrissy Teigen is a down to earth, social media phenomenon, and the classy model is nothing short of an A-List superstar.

Born in Utah, Teigen’s mother is of Thai descent and her father is Norwegian which explains her exotic looks. The brunette beauty was discovered by a photographer while working in a surf shop when the family lived in California. But Chrissy’s breakthrough eventually came in 2010 when she was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and it’s pretty safe to say that she hasn’t left the spotlight ever since, modeling for the biggest brands in the world.

Being in the public eye, Chrissy effortlessly looks incredible, often appearing in the most beautiful dresses. And although she knows a thing or two about style, she always makes sure her outfits, both in front of the cameras and at home, aren’t too complicated.

Quote Chrissy Teigen:

“I think anyone that could look at my style knows that i’m pretty simple person. I don’t love a ton of pattern. Very comfortable clothing that I can kind of integrate into like different outfits and wear all the time. That is important to me when I buy a piece. i just, I’m excited to be able to just put on a piece of cashmere, honestly, and with a… with a nice little silky tank top underneath, and… and wander around New York City.”


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