Box Office Countdown

Another weekend, another list of the highest grossing films in cinemas. We bring you the Box Office Top 5


Another weekend, another list of the highest grossing films in cinemas. We bring you the Box Office Top 5 Countdown.

On the last spot we find the dramatic war story of ‘Midway’.

Clip: ‘Midway’

“The situation in the Pacific is far worse than reported.”

Quote: Roland Emmeric

“It is not so bad that the movie is kind of showing now, because when you look around you, with the rise of nationalism and right being parties, it is good to remind people that eighty year ago, young Americans lost their lives, risked their lives and a lot lost their lives for freedom and Democracy.” 

Opening in cinemas last weekend is the crime action ’21 Bridges’.

Clip: ‘21 Bridges’

“If we don’t catch these guys in the next three to four hours, they vanish.”

“How are you going to do this?”

“We got twenty-one bridges in and out of Manhattan. Shut them down.”

“What island?”


Quote: Chadwick Boseman

“What you’re watching through the course of the movie is; are there any cops that aren’t dirty involved in this? The audience is trying to balance whether or not the bad guys are bad, or whether the good guys are really good.” 

Quote: Sienna Miller

“I loved that it took place in one night. I felt like that that was such an exciting way to tell a story and especially a story in this genre. So the entire thing felt like it was heading towards aiming to be something that is very real and very grounded. And that is always an appeal for me in a script.” 

Also new in cinemas is ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’, with Tom Hanks among others.

Clip: ‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

“Mr. Rogers, I’m here to interview you.”

“It is so nice to meet you.”

“You okay?”

“I’m profiling Mr. Rogers.”

“Lloyd, please don’t ruin my childhood.”

“This will be a piece for an issue about heroes. Do you consider yourself a hero?”

Quote: Tom Hanks

“What I love knowing about Mr. Rogers is that he was an ordained minister. And his ministry was his television show. And his parish was all of a single child that was on the other side of the television screen. And there isn’t a lot of that. And it wasn’t for altruistic, feel good reasons. He viewed that as; this was his mission in life in order to tender a better philosophy towards human beings, that they were going to be getting from this very commercial thing called television.” 

Flagged down at the second spot is the biographical action ‘Ford v Ferrari’.

Clip: ‘Ford v Ferrari’

“Mr. Ford, Ferrari has a message for you, sir.”

“What did he say?”

“He said Ford makes ugly little cars in ugly factories. And, uh, he called you fat, sir.”

“We’re going to bury Ferrari at Le Mans.”

Quote: Matt Damon & Christian Bale

MD: “This movie centers around these cars, but it is really about this friendship between these guys. And the way I related to it was about the whole process of collaborating with other people to make something. To built something. That’s kind of what we do for a living. So, I found them very relatable in that sense.” 

CB: “There definitely is an absolute rush.. An adrenaline rush beyond believe when you get in a machine like that. That is just so twitchy. It’s an art, to be able to handle something with that kind of power. Those drivers are absolute gods at what they do. It’s incredible. I’ve got such respect for them. Because of having had the opportunity to drive in those cars, realizing that it is beyond me.” 

And this week’s number one is shattering the box office with $125 million, of course its ‘Frozen II’.

Quote: Idina Menzel

“It’s a couple of years later, and it is a wonderful way to parallel everyone that is sort of growing up with the movie because the girls are growing up as well. And the stories deepend and enriched. And I guess their curiosity and the lessons that they are learning are a little bit more challenging. And the choices they have to make in life are a little bit tougher.

Quote: Evan Rachel Wood

“There will be a lot of laughs. A lot of amazing songs. You may shed a tear or two. But I think you are really in for an epic adventure.


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