Special: Celebrity Clothing Lines

There are many stars out there who offer their own clothing lines. Let’s find out who have tried their luck at launching a label.


There are many stars out there who offer their own clothing lines. Let’s find out who have tried their luck at launching a label. 

Take Reese Witherspoon for instance. She founded Draper James in 2015 and the pieces in the collection are an homage to the actress’ southern roots. While “Southern” isn’t always a synonym for “stylish”, in Reese’s case it sure is, and it seems the ‘Legally Blonde’ star has made it her personal mission to glam up the women of the Southern States. 

Another famous face who wants to sell you some clothes is Kate Hudson. She’s carved out a niche by making everything fully natural. HappyxNature always look for the most eco-friendly solutions and use lots of recycled materials. So if you ever wanted a pair of skinny jeans made out of used plastic bottles, this is your chance. Interestingly, when you’re done wearing it, you can bury the pants in your backyard and in 12 to 18 months they’ll be fully decomposed. Then again, that’s probably not the number one quality people look for in their wardrobe…

Funny lady Melissa McCarthy also has a clothing brand called Melissa McCarthy Seven7, aimed at plus sized women. The story behind it is a bit sad, really, as when Melissa wanted to hit the red carpet of the Academy Awards some years ago, not a single designer was willing to dress her. She instead had to rush to a store and pick up some random plus size collection dress. McCarthy was so fed up with this idea that all women should fit into sizes that make them look anorexic, that she launched her own line. We met the actress years ago when she was just starting up her career.

Quote: Melissa McCarthy

“I am. Just at the very beginning stages I haven’t had a lot of time. I am just doing samples and stuff now. I went to college for textiles and I always thought I was going to end up doing that, and then got off track, delightfully so, with acting. For me it’s kind of, instead of a new thing, it’s kind of going back to what I always thought I would do. So, I am really excited about it.”

We all know Beyoncé can do everything. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be very surprising to hear that she’s started not one but two fashion endeavors. Her first, House of Deréon, failed and quietly disappeared in 2012. But four years later she tried her luck again with Ivy Park, an athleticwear label. The Queen Bey launched it together with billionaire Philip Green, but when he faced accusations of racism and sexual misconduct soon after, the singer bought him out and now fully owns Ivy Park.

Another huge success story comes from Cardi B and her collaboration with Fashion Nova. The brand itself has an interesting story on its own, as it’s one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Their key to success is to not bother much with traditional runways and catwalks, and instead focus almost solely on social media and influencers for publicity. As Cardi B is a social juggernaut, she was a perfect fit. Her first collection sold out in minutes, so when they teamed up again, they stockpiled five times as many items, and hit a million dollars worth of sales within the first 24 hours. 

And that brings us to the last lady we’ll be looking at who’s launched her own fashion line. Just like Beyoncé, JLo too can do just about anything. She started her not so humbly titled label ‘J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez’ back in 2001. It became hugely successful, and La Lopez was soon selling $175 million worth of products a year. They’ve since expanded and now offer things like eyewear, fragrances, lingerie and even bed sheets. At the time of her label’s launch, Jenny from the block declared that she felt there wasn’t enough on offer for the more voluptuous woman, so she’s made it her goal to allow everyone to be sexy. And for that we thank you Jen!


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