Channing Tatum is doing a little spring cleaning, but he’s still hanging on to a pair of gold harem pants straight outta the 90s … and MC Hammer‘s closet!!!

Check out these pics of the “Magic Mike” hunk taking out the trash Sunday at Jessie J‘s house in Los Angeles … Channing’s barefoot but rocking those funky shiny gold pants.

It’s a cool homage and although we can’t confirm if the pants are his or Jessie’s, one thing is for certain — it’s HAMMER TIME in her crib!!!

Take that anyway ya want.

Anything to make quarantine more fun, right? Taking out the garbage is ho-hum, but when ya slip on the gold harem pants — different vibe altogether.

Crazy pants aside, it’s interesting to see Channing running errands at Jessie’s place. Pretty clear the on-again, off-again couple is back on.

And, that is a beat … ya can’t touch!!!