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Record-Breaking Gravitational Waves Reveal That Midsize Black Holes Do Exist

The biggest. The farthest. The most energetic. A new detection of gravitational waves from two colliding black holes has racked up multiple...

Signs Of Alien Life Detected On Venus

Scientists have discovered a rare molecule in the clouds of Venus. Which suggests colonies of living microbes could be thriving in...

NASA Wants To Buy Moon Rocks From Private Companies

NASA is officially in the market for Moon rocks. And it’s willing to pay any company that’s capable of scooping them up.

Scientists: Earth Moving Through Radioactive Debris of Exploded Stars

Scientists have found new evidence that Earth has been moving through the remains of exploded stars for at least the last 33,000 years.

Pollution Dissolved This Shark’s Teeth and Skin, Researchers Say

I’m Melting! Scientists recently found a new victim of climate change and pollution: a blackmouth catshark that had...

Scientists Discover Exposed Bacteria Can Survive In Space For Years

Framed by an infinite backdrop of dark, lifeless space. A robotic arm on the International Space Station in 2015 mounted a box...

World’s Smallest Dinosaur Is probably A Lizard

A newly described fossil preserved in amber reveals that a 99-million-year-old creature called Oculudentavis. Recently heralded as a hummingbird-size dinosaur, was more...

A new experiment hints at how hot water can freeze faster...

In physics, chilling out isn’t as simple as it seems. A hot object can cool more quickly than...

The Mysterious Windsor Hum May Have Hummed Its Last Mysterious Vibe

The most famous “mysterious hum” in the world may have hummed its last non-catchy, sleep-interrupting, mind-numbing yet barely audible blast. Residents and...

Mysterious Deep “Blue Hole” Off Florida’s Coast Sparks Search For Signs...

Off the coast of Florida, deep at the bottom of the ocean, are massive, bright blue holes that formed thousands of years ago. What...
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