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New Twist To The First Alleged Crime Committed In Space

Fans of crime novels and true crime television drams know there’s always a few twists before the crime is solved. That’s the...

A Key Ingredient In Coronavirus Tests Comes From Yellowstone’s Lakes

MICROBIOLOGIST THOMAS BROCK was tramping through Yellowstone in the 1960s when he stumbled upon a species of bacteria that would transform medical...

Milky Way’s Warped Shape May Be The Result Of An Ongoing...

The Milky Way has a strange warped shape, and scientists now believe this may be the result of a relatively recent...

Astronomers Discover Supermassive Black Hole ‘Blazar’ Pointed Directly at Earth

What in the blazes is a ‘blazar’ and should we be worried that the oldest and biggest one in the universe is...

Astronomers Discover A New Type Of Pulsating Star

Astronomers have discovered a teardrop-shaped star that pulsates on just one side. The star, called HD74423, is located in a binary system 1,500...

Fighter Jets and UFOs: The Rissington Incident

On October 21, 1952, a Flight Lieutenant Michael Swiney of the Royal Air Force took off in his Meteor trainer jet on...

A Famous Cryptozoologist, A Mysterious Visitor, And The “Enema Bandit”

There is little doubt that this article is the strangest one I have ever written. With that said, let’s get to the...

Scientist Offers Proof We Live In A Giant Multi-Galactic Bubble

“The Bubble Boy” is a classic episode of the sitcom “Seinfeld” which centered on a boy living in a bubble that protected...

8.8 Billion habitable Earth-size planets exist in Milky Way alone

WASHINGTON — Space is vast, but it may not be so lonely after all: A study finds the Milky Way is teeming...

‘Mysterious’ Worms Eat Plastic And Poop Alcohol

Plastic has wormed its way into our lives, but maybe a worm can help us eat our way out.
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