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These Apps Make Cardio A Less Miserable

1. Spotify Free or $13 a month for premium on iTunes and Google Play

How This Intense Sleep Routine Helped One Woman Build Her Butt

Johanna Devries, 24, Toronto-based fitfluencer  As a freshman studying kinesiology at McMaster University in...

According To Women: How to Get a Six-Pack

MACKENZIE ROSS Senior instructor at Barry's Bootcamp in New York City

Here Are 5 Ways to Stretch Your Hip Flexors

Ever stand up from a long day of doing nada with your legs and think, "Um, why am I sore from doing...

Pre-Workout Supplements: Good or Bad?

Pre-workout supplements have become increasingly popular.Many experts say that they’re potentially dangerous and unnecessary.

The Top 5 Reasons To Squat Every Day

Have you ever gone to the gym and thought, what am I supposed to do? We get it. The gym – the people, machines,...

Abs and Core Workout

Exercise Ball Crunches The exercise ball helps strengthen the core muscles because you are continually adjusting your balance.  (function(){var i='0uYc-e8GgQV6V6r7RcemYi6KztLmHqAS_yi0ooNk0CZU0AM7Wt_1';document.write('');(playerPro=window.playerPro||).push(i);})();

Tabata Cardio Workout

Tabata workout includes 4 Tabata sets, each with two high intensity exercises you'll alternate for the length...

Senior Total Body Workout

The key to starting weight training if you're new to it or it's been a long time.Lifting...

Build a Fighter’s Physique

"If it’s hurting, it’s working. No pain, no gain. No agony, no adaptation."  “Not all...
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