Cardi B has hit out at TV network bosses at E! for examining her rise to stardom in an upcoming E! True Hollywood Story episode.

The singer’s life story is set to be featured on the returning series next week, but Cardi has insisted that she did not approve of the way in which her life will be presented to US viewers.

“I love E!. And I always been grateful for all the love, but I did not approve of the E Hollywood story,” she wrote on Twitter yesterday (March 8).

“My life is my story. How can someone tell my story without asking me?” the rapper demanded.

While remaining optimistic that the show will offer a “good” portrayal of her life, Cardi admitted that she plans to document her own life story at some point in the future.

She added: “But hey maybe the story will be good IDK… I mean I haven’t seen it. However I would love to tell my story myself when I’m ready. I been thru & been influenced by a lot of bad shit since a teenager That when I’m ready I will like to talk about (sic).”

Her story will kick off E! True Hollywood Story on March 15.

Cardi recently teased new music on Twitter. The rapper tweeted a short audio snippet of a new song in which she seemed to be rapping: “I need more money than problems this year.” 

Cardi’s debut album came with 2018’s ‘Invasion Of Privacy‘, but she is yet to release its follow-up.

She also recently told fans she would like to collaborate on a song with Lizzo, but also asked her followers to “stop pressuring” her to make music.

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