Top 3 Models Who Were Bullied In School


Kids can really be cruel to each other, and even folks who went on to become famous still felt the sting of being teased in their younger years. Here are our Top 3 Models Who Were Bullied In School.

At number three, it’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She’s now been labeled the Hottest Woman on Earth. As a kid Rosie was mocked a lot thanks to her posh sounding name. Her slender figure and her full lips, which ironically are now one of her most famous features.

On the second place we find Gisele Bundchen. Teased by her classmates for her height. Gisele still faced criticism even after she became a model. And was told early on that her eyes were too small and her nose too big for her ever to appear on a magazine cover.

And our top spot goes to Tyra Banks. Super tall and skinny even as a teen. Poor Tyra also sported braces at a young age, and says she was considered a “freak” at her school. After she got famous, though, she contacted a former tormentor, to show him what he missed out on.