Box Office Top 5

Becoming the first African-American woman to be promoted to principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre.


Another weekend, another list of the highest grossing films in cinemas. We bring you the Box Office Top 5 Countdown.

The new movie ‘Ford vs. Ferrari’ recently premiered at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. In this true story, a car designer and a race car driver battle time, the laws of physics and their own demons to create an automobile that will conquer the racing world. Interestingly, in these exclusive interviews, the cast of the movie say that they weren’t attracted to the project because of the racing.

Closing the gates of the box office is the sports drama ‘Overcomer’.

Clip: ‘Overcomer’

“Something or someone will have first place in your heart.”

“Where is your team?”

“She is right there.”

“Whatever you allow to define you.”

“Is that?”

“That’s Hannah!”

“Run Hannah!”


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