Looks he was the, ” Thotiana”, that he talked about in his songs! In a recent interview rapper Blueface admitted to sleeping with over 1000 women in 6 months and catching a STD in 2019! GROSS!! Check it what else he had to say! Thoughts?

Blueface is no stranger when it comes to spilling his bedroom deeds. The California rapper recently appeared on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast with Gillie Da King and Wallo. When asked about his sexual encounters, he was open and honest. The “Thotiana” rapper stated that he doesn’t run into nor interact with the same group of women. Therefore, he rarely gets caught up in situations where he has to explain himself.

In addition, he shared that the “baddest” woman are the ones that are “burning.” In his case, he admits to being “burnt” as a result of his sexual past after being asked by Wallo.

“I ain’t been burnt since 2000, uhhh probably like ’19,” said the 23 year-old rapper.

He was later schooled by the two OGs Gillie & Wallo about wearing protection due to his high volume of bedroom activities.

“It is what it is,” responded Blueface. He continued by commending those who have contracted STDs due to lack of protection and high volume sexual encounters.

“If you ain’t been burnt than you ain’t been f**king.”

Over the past few months, the West Coast rapper has turned his house into an online rendition of Bad Girls Club entitled, “Blue Girls Club.” He chose 16 women to live in his home, where they film their daily activities. Amongst these are some brutal fights, where some sustain serious injuries. Last week one of the Blue Girls Club members was shown returning from the emergency room in a wheelchair.

Fans can subscribe to the content on Blueface’s OnlyFans account for the amount of $50.

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