Plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills may have the green light to resume elective and cosmetic surgeries, but they’re moving forward with caution … and some aren’t ready to reopen.

Dr. Rady Rahban tells TMZ … his offices are reopening for everything from tummy tucks, nose jobs and breast-lifts to mommy makeovers, but there’s gonna be some major precautions due to the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Rahban says people have been clamoring for surgeries during the outbreak, but appointments are now open and this week he’s gonna start seeing patients again.

Among the new safety procedures at Dr. Rahban’s practice — the lobby will always be empty, patients will text when they arrive, wait and then head directly to a waiting room to ensure there is no contact between patients.

Face masks will be required for all of Dr. Rahban’s patients and staff, and patients will have their temperatures checked upon arrival. There will also be a pre-screening over the phone, with questions about recent travel and exposure to the virus.

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Dr. Joubin Gabbay tells us his practice is aiming to reopen May 15, but they’re waiting for more guidelines on how to do so safely.

As we reported … the Bev Hills city council voted last week to resume elective and cosmetic surgeries, setting the stage for plastic surgeons to operate on rich folks and celebs.

Dr. Gabbay has some reservations … he says it’s dangerous to open right now, even though patients have been calling since the lockdown started.

While Dr. Gabbay’s been doing virtual consultations in the meantime — liposuction is the most requested procedure — his office will operate similarly to Dr. Rahban’s when it opens again.

Dr. Gabbay says a COVID-19 test will be required for all patients and must be taken 5-to-7 days before surgery. Patients will be required to self-isolate and quarantine while awaiting results.

Surgeons at Dr. Gabbay’s practice will also be required to take COVID-19 tests as needed and must test negative to continue working. If any staff is exposed to the virus, they will be quarantined and the entire practice may even be shut down.

Dr. Gabbay says patients must wear a mask and a face shield during operations.

Dr. Paul Nassif, whotells us he feels it is not safe to resume plastic surgeries and he won’t open his practice until Governor Gavin Newsom gives the green light and provides details on how doctor’s offices should safely operate.

The “Botched” star says clients are mostly seeking botox, nose-lifts and face-lifts …  but whenever he reopens the practice, he will NOT be offering any operation related to the nose, mouth or lips, at least in the beginning.

Dr. Nassif says he wants to encourage patients to wear masks when they go under the knife, so those procedures are off the table for the immediate future.

The good doc also says he’s going to focus on local patients whenever he opens back up, and he won’t see patients who must travel to Bev Hills.

We spoke with Dr. Nassif’s colleague, Dr. Terry Dubrow, on “TMZ Live” last Friday and he echoed the same sentiments, that plastic surgeons are fearing their own health and safety.


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