Create & Cultivate, the popular networking platform made for the modern millennial woman hosted another conference last week in San Francisco, California. The idea was founded by CEO Jaclyn Johnson in 2012 and things have only gotten better with time.

In the Golden Gate city, Johnson nabbed the fabulous Kourtney Kardashian as the event’s keynote speaker and she was joined by other esteemed celebrity guests including Jenna Dewan, Rumer Willis, and many more, all of whom are known for their incredible work on and off camera. The two-day long program like the brand’s podcasts and books, was designed to empower women in their careers, businesses, and all the other endeavors she has going on. Having the opportunity to come together and listen to some of the most successful women in the game is rare and inspiring, which is why Johnson’s team doesn’t want to stop there.

She hopes to reach as many women as possible through her company and in her recent interview with Forbes, she mentioned that there’s plenty more to come in 2020. At the same time, she couldn’t have gotten to where she is today without having a solid support system in her life. Johnson went on to reminisce about the amazing influence her mom — who is also an entrepreneur — had on her. Additionally, on the day of the San Francisco conference, her close friend and co-founder of the Blended Strategy Group Allison Statter helped out at the main event by being Kardashian’s moderator. Read through the rest of the chat below and learn more useful tips from Johnson.

Isis Briones: How exactly do you choose the speakers each year at Create & Cultivate?

Jaclyn Johnson: “We don’t have a criteria per se, our goal is to ensure we have a diverse mix of content creators, CEOs, celebrities, small business owners and women in the corporate world. The goal is to ensure we have a range of perspectives to offer our attendees, a look from top to bottom at what a career journey can look like.”

IB: Where do you see Create & Cultivate in 10 years? Do you have plans of expanding the brand overseas and working with female entrepreneurs worldwide?

JJ: “Our goal is to be the go to platform, online and offline, for the modern working woman. We want to be everywhere our girl is providing inspiration, education, and entertainment. For us this means launching a product line come October 1st, expanding into the entertainment category, building our global membership platform, and continuing to serve our community through our owned events and bespoke, of which we do over 40 a year. Further we are expanding our podcast, which now reaches over 15,000 women per episode and plan to release more books come 2020.”

Create & Cultivate CEO and founder Jaclyn Johnson with Jenna Dewan and Kourtney Kardashian.
Create & Cultivate CEO and founder Jaclyn Johnson with Jenna Dewan and Kourtney Kardashian.COURTESY OF SMITH HOUSE PHOTO

IB: Who would you say has been the most influential in getting you to where you are today?

JJ: “My mom, she is an entrepreneur and has been running her own business for over 30 years. She is my ‘unofficial co-founder’ for all my businesses and has helped me manage the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship.”

IB: I’m sure she’s given you some great words of wisdom, what’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

JJ: “Get it in writing. This is good advice for business owners, freelancers, and women everywhere. It’s important to get things in writing, get a good lawyer, and protect yourself.”

IB: Agreed! Now looking back, which Create & Cultivate speaker has stood out to you most and why?

JJ: “There have been so many incredible women. It’s hard to choose! I loved interviewing Natasha Lyonne, her stance on getting women in the writer’s room is super important. Additionally, I always love working with Sophia Bush. She is incredibly inspiring, but will also light a fire under you bum. Issa Rae had very practical advice for content creators and of course, Gloria Steinem was legendary. All in all, I can’t play favorites.”

A panel at the Create & Cultivate San Francisco conference 2019.
A panel at the Create & Cultivate San Francisco conference 2019.COURTESY OF SMITH HOUSE PHOTO

IB: On top of esteemed panels, you work with so many different brands. How do you know when a partnership is right for Create & Cultivate?

JJ: “For any brand that works with Create & Cultivate, we want to ensure they are providing value to our audience, whether that’s through education, inspiration or just giving them a break from their busy life. We approve all activations and make sure everything ties back to our mission to serve the modern working woman, from how she does her taxes to her nails.”


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