Trivia Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

While this film features plenty of characters, ranging from Lex Luthor, to Wonder Woman or Superman. It really is the Batman show.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ hit the silver screen in 2016 and truly was a massive blockbuster. As the title already implies, the two most renowned heroes in the world have a beef with each other.

Quote: Amy Adams

“It is fascinating to see that two people, who are really after the same thing like fighting crime and saving people and all this goodness that exists in their hearts, how it can be warped by fear and how media, which is represented in our film as well, can sort of play on the publics perception. Of how we view threats, both Batman and Superman show how easy it is manipulate people through words and through media and through fear.” 

While this film features plenty of characters, ranging from Lex Luthor, to Wonder Woman or Superman. It really is the Batman show. This time around, the Caped Crusader is played by Ben Affleck, who received quite a lot of criticism upon his casting. When the news was first made official, the actor checked out an online message board and the first thing he read was “Affleck as Batman? NOOOOOOOO!!!!”. He logged off immediately after. 

Contrary to the internet-dude’s prediction, Ben actually did a pretty good job. He bulked up, adding 20 pounds of muscle and impressing studio bosses at Warner. Bho began negotiations with the star for three more outings as the character. Jump ahead a few years later though and it turns out those will never happen.  

For the A-lister, making ‘Dawn of Justice’ was a big learning curve, as he’s an established director himself as well.

Quote: Ben Affleck

“I haven’t worked on a movie of this size. So I got to see what the cutting edge special effects are. How you intergrate live-action and in camera stuff with special effects now. What tricks and tools are available to film makers now and all that was really, really interesting.” 

Speaking of CGI, Ben referred to his bat-suit as his visual effect pajamas. He loved the outfit so much, he asked if he could keep it after they wrapped things up. The producers wouldn’t agree to sell it to Ben for less than $100,000. Which quickly made the actor change his mind, and he settled for taking a picture with it instead.

It’s actually a bit of a miracle the suit made it through the whole production process. As there was someone else on set who also had their eye on it.

Quote: Laurence Fishburne

“The biggest challenge was not sort of kidnapping Ben and stealing his Batman suit.” 

While ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ was a commercial hit. Grossing $873 million dollars on a $250 million production budget, critically speaking, it was not. Simply put, it’s just not a very good movie and neither was the sequel ‘Justice League’. We’re not fully sure what the future holds for DC, but we have a feeling they’ll keep trying anyway.