Australian Teacher Creates Rocket Using Nitrogen & Soda

A plastic bottle rocket launched into the sky in a science experiment that wowed a science teacher's class in Gosford, Australia.

Australian Teacher Creates A Rocket

To make the rocket, science teacher Jacob Strickling poured liquid nitrogen into the half-filled bottle of Diet Coke.

An experiment wowed a science class in Gosford, Australia when a plastic bottle rocket was launched into the sky.

Using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream is nothing new. Science teachers have been making “instant ice cream” much to the delight of their students for years! (because they love the sounds of ooohs & ahhhs that naturally follow this amazing feat!).

But making liquid nitrogen ice cream (or Nice Cream as we call it) has become a craze! Sweeping the trendy cooking shows and the avant-garde chefs who practice molecular gastronomy.

In pop culture, molecular gastronomy is the merging of scientific tools and techniques. With culinary arts – using tools such as centrifuges, liquid nitrogen, microscopes, or lasers in the preparation of food items.


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