While schools, districts and cities across the country are employing a variety of different school models this fall. Many students are spending some or all of their school days remote learning.

Parents of remote students are looking for tips to help their children stay focused while doing distance learning. And one of the best tips from teachers is to make sure your child has time to get moving during their school day.

In lieu of recess or P.E. time, there are plenty of at-home activities that kids can do to get their blood pumping. One idea is doing a movement class for kids. Such as yoga, dance or guided stretching.

Some of the best free kids learning apps include the yoga app The Adventures of Super Stretch and GoNoodle. GoNoodle also has dance, yoga and mindfulness videos and games. There are plenty of other free online workout videos and apps for younger and older kids alike.

Beyond apps, video games like “Just Dance” or “Zumba: Burn it Up!” can also make for a great mid-day brain break that will get kids dancing. For kids who want to want to learn popular line dances or viral TikTok dances, there are plenty of online tutorials to choose from.

Another idea is to practice reviewing or working on any of the skills your child has learned in P.E., such as jump rope, throwing and catching, hopscotch, four square or cup stacking. Backyard activities like building an obstacle course or organizing field day games are also ways to mix things up. Even if you’re stuck inside due to social distancing or bad weather, kids can practice shooting and throwing using balled-up socks and trash cans or create a hopscotch game or obstacle course inside using towels or T-shirts along the floor. Classic games like red light, green light; freeze dance and Simon says can also work both indoors and outdoors.

Making sure your child has adequate exercise time while doing remote school is just one of the many tips teachers have for parents.

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