Skeatur Jones was brought up in East St Louis Illinois where he grew up and attended grade school, Jr high, and high school. While in school he was dynamic in sports and music.

“My favorite sport to play was football” Jones stated he was a Linebacker and fullback

Aside from sports Skeatur was no stranger to Choirs, bands, and orchestras. His mother’s love of music and choirs may have carried over, as skeatur played the trombone in grade school and moved to all brass instruments in Jr high. He began to foster his own advantage and taste in music, coming out of high school he was singing in an R&B group, doing a lot of writing and vocal arrangements.

After the group separated he began his path in rapping and learning how to become his own engineer and producing music. Because he was an instrument player and has a wide range ear, he started producing all genres and types of music. Shortly coming across the title HicHop and label company Average Joe Records who’s been producing country music for years, was extremely intrigued that he had never heard anything about it and knew he could make a much bigger and more of a commercial sound.

“Me and mother, she would force me to practice the chior songs with her at home, My mother loved leading a lot of the songs at church.”

Who is your number one influence in music today?

Today, I would say your Dr. Dre’s, Timberlands, Quince Jones, because I produce all genres so I would say those are the guys I really look to follow in their footsteps musicly.

Some of the artists that skeaturs recently produced are Chris Brown who is currently closing a deal on his new album, a Janet Jackson remake of “Time Flies”, more recently produced a record on Pokey Bear and Sir Charles Jones, and many more up and coming rising artist.

Pokey Bear and Sir Charles Jones are the Lil Wayne and Jay-z in the southern soul and blues world.

Skeatur mentions his close support system giving a shoutout and thanks to quite a few people. Mentioning two people that really stand out to him, who have been nothing but honest and genuine in everything they do, and that’s Art and Mimi who are both really good friends of skeatur and had a tremendous amount of help and support throughout his journey.

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