“Don’t be fooled by the social media numbers.”

A lot of people think because an artist has 50k+ or 250k+ followers that he/she’s the greatest or best of all time. That’s not the case here. Ceejayzi is easily more talented than about 70% of people in the music business.

Ceejayzi, 22 years old is a very talented, high-energy artist who grew up in the Brooklyn neighborhood in South Baltimore. One of the struggles he mentioned facing growing up in a Baltimore neighborhood was being the only white kid growing up in an all-black and hispanic school.

“But at the end of the day when you’re the minority in that situation, you’re gonna get the same treatment as black folks do in an all-white community”

Ceejayzi stated, once you prove yourself and make your friends, living there for so long you start to get accepted and are no longer just the white kid who moved down the street.

At the early age of 5 & 6, Ceejayzi was figuring his love for music and began writing songs.

“The first time I ever did anything real serious was at school, we had a talent case where I made a little beat and song, performed it on stage, and everyone went crazy”

Years later after recording and releasing, Ceejayzi made the decision to take time for self-growth and learned promo, marketing, branding, and everything behind the scenes and has since started recording and releasing new music.


Who are your 3 inspirations and favorite artists in music?

“I take so much from everything, my thing is I’m a lover of all music and the artistry behind it. If I had to pick 3, I would say The Weekend, Xxxtentacion just based on the versatility and the variety of different things he was able to do, and last my old school favorite 50 Cent.”

What are your overall goals for your career?

“Realistically speaking I’m happy as long as I can live comfortably supporting my family and doing what I need to do, living wise taking care of my child, as long as I do that and do it all for the things that I love. I just want my artistry to be respected at the end of the day. The blood, sweat, tears and everything that I put into music. I want to make sure that is felt for generations

AGAIN.. Don’t be fooled my numbers, this is one of the hardest artist coming to the industry!

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