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~Artist Advantage~

Featured Artist: Amarathestar

Single Release Date: July 28th, 2021

Early Life

Amara The Star, brought into the world in Nigeria yet at the early age of 1 year old, moved to Maryland with her family. Relatives, for example, her mother being into music too, Amara grew up completely engaged with music, turned into a vocalist, active in chorus, in the end-joining jazz singers, and proceeding with her enthusiasm through high school.

She also mentions her father being Eze in Nigeria, Eze meaning king.

“After Highschool I kind of just stopped and went into nursing” Amara says

Amara referenced after a discussion she had with her late cousin who advised her after listening to one of her songs “Really focus and snap into it, you’re really good!” truly persuaded her to proceed and propel herself with music!


Amara wrote, mixed, and recorded her new single “Mansa Musa” Now streaming on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, Audiomack, and SoundCloud.

Any other person around you, you sing and do music production with?

“Oh yeah definitely! My best friend her name is Alana, I met her this semester and made a song, its called ‘Real Nasty'”

” i did’nt know she could rap, but she has a lot of personality!”

Subsequent to meeting her now best friend Alana this previous semester the two recorded a song together called “Real Nasty” which is available for listening below.

“Her and my cousin buchi, i feel i inspire buchi more into music because she follows me to the studio and is always there with me.”

If you had a two-year goal what would it be?

“First to graduate college, with one more year left, secondly to grow and have a steady fanbase and to get people to really appreciate my music” Amara said

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