Apex Legends Players Reported Being “Too Good”


Cheating is a prevalent problem in Apex Legends. In fact, no matter how many resources Respawn exhausts in an attempt to curb the issue, players eager to ruin everyone else’s fun just won’t quit.

For legitimate gamers who spend the majority of their time in the battle royale’s Ranked mode, the problem has threatened to ruin its competitive integrity on multiple occasions. As a shooter, the major and most obvious offender is considered to be aimbots. With the aid of a software script, cheaters are able to make otherwise impossible shots against opponents that require no manual aiming whatsoever.

Monitoring such suspicious activity is one of the main weapons Respawn has in detecting and banning offenders, but such miraculous plays aren’t always the result of underhanded tactics. In fact, one clip posted to the Apex Legends sub-Reddit just a few days ago proves just that.

In the video, player Gnargiela brandishes their Wingman pistol and aims it at an enemy in the far distance. Firing just a single shot, their bullet flies true into the poor, unsuspecting soul receiving its pointy end and awards the shooter an elimination.

In the wake of Gnargiela’s incredibly lucky (or was it skill?) shot, other players have naturally attempted to replicate its jaw-dropping nature with a feat of their own. The resulting trend has given rise to a series of equally outlandish plays that, had you not seen the proof, could have sworn were the result of using cheat software.

The lesson of the day? Next time you swear blind that you’ve fallen foul of a cheater’s gaze, consider that your killer might just have performed the play of their Apex Legends career. Absolutely insane.


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