Yankees and Red Sox are potentially set to meet again, but this time in the hall of fame.

Two of the greatest baseball players of the last 20 years, David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez, are on the ballot for potential entry into Cooperstown.

david ortiz

Big Papi and A-Rod will join a list of 30 names that will be considered along with Barry Bonds, Curt Schilling, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Clemens, who are getting their last shot at making the Hall.

Additional names under consideration for the baseball hall include Mark Buehrle, Carl Crawford, Prince Fielder, Todd Helton, Ryan Howard, Tim Hudson, Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones, Jeff Kent, Tim Lincecum, Justin Morneau, Joe Nathan, Jonathan Papelbon, Jake Peavy, Andy Pettitte, A.J. Pierzynski, Manny Ramirez, Scott Rolen, Jimmy Rollins, Curt Schilling, Gary Sheffield, Mark Teixeira, Omar Vizquel, and Billy Wagner.

Sosa, Bonds, and Clemens each were nailed for using performance-enhancing drugs in their careers, potentially harming their hall of fame ballots. Ortiz and Rodriguez also face scrutiny for PED use. Schilling faces issues for his racist and bigoted social remarks. He was fired in 2016 after making a derogatory post about transgender people.

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