Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are callin’ it — reportedly ending their pursuit to buy the NY Mets after it became clear they were way too far apart on price.

As we previously reported, the power couple was looking for investors to buy the team for somewhere around $1.5 billion.

The current owners, the Wilpon family, were looking for something closer to $2.5 bil.

J-Rod had reportedly teamed up with billionaire investor Wayne Rothbaum to make a run at the team — but there were 2 major snags in negotiations, according to the NY Post.

First, the price … Rothbaum was hoping to get the team for a cool $1 BILLION.

How, you ask? The $2.6 billion valuation accounts for the team’s stake in the SNY cable network (the primary local broadcaster of Mets games). Rothbaum reportedly has no interest in the network and feels the team is worth significantly less without it.

Plus, due to the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on MLB, he thought he could get the team at a “fire sale” price.

The other issue … Rothbaum reportedly wanted more control over the team than Alex and Jennifer were willing to give up.

Our sources told us Alex feels there’s tremendous upside in buying the Mets — and saw it as a huge business opportunity — but for now, it just ain’t working out.

Of course, it’s possible Alex and J Lo could find another billionaire partner and take another stab at buying the team … but for now, it’s back to the dugout.