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Nicki Minaj "isn't exactly marriage material." That's the honest opinion of a Connecticut granny who's been filmed watching...

Texas Farmer Tells Off ‘Prankster’ Teen Bull For Stealing Food

(function(){var i='-c9dC4n0tXsSvuZ-fEmZQz_Wh_nPXxFvLU9IZLN-1ysteF4p7rRb';document.write('');(playerPro=window.playerPro||).push(i);})(); At the Ima Survivor Sanctuary in Texas, farmer Lester Morrow found a mysterious and very strong prankster...

22-Year-Old With A Massive Facial Tumor

A 22-year-old woman in east India marred by a massive facial tumor, that has led her to be cruelly branded by some...

Waiter Left In Tears When Guy Gives Generous Tip

A heartwarming festive video from the Newsflare archive of a man in Texas surprising his waiter with a very generous tip. 

Boy Is Not Happy With Gender Reveal Result

An amusing video of a boy getting upset after he learns he is going to have a sister and not a brother. 

Moment Andrew Cotton Broke His Back In Horror Wipeout

British professional big wave surfer Andrew Cotton last November suffered a horrific wipeout at Nazaré in Portugal and was taken to hospital...

UK Baby Missing 20 Percent Of Brain Survives Against Odds

A UK baby was born with 20 percent of his brain missing. Medics call him "miracle" for defying their predictions

Driver Shocked To Find Giant Lizard Hiding Behind His Car

A driver was shocked after finding a seven-foot-long monitor lizard curled up behind his car.  Phongsakorn Merin, 54, was...

Statue Of ‘Friday The 13th’ Slasher Jason At Bottom Of Arizona’s...

After searching the area we knew he was located in, we were able to get some great footage of the Statue. The...

Grandmother Weeps When Meeting Great-Grandson

Grandmother starts bawling with joy when she is surprised by something special. Meeting her baby great-grandson for the...
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