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Rock Climber Turns His Route Into Rainbow While Wearing LED Lights

These fascinating images show a climber turning his route into a rainbow as he scales sheer rocks while wearing LED lights. 

UK Adventurer Spends Night In One Of The Most Active Volcanoes

A fearless UK explorer has spent a night sleeping inside a volcano in the South Pacific Ocean state of Vanuatu.

Indian Honey Collector Stuffs Mouth With Live Bees

While most people like to stay away from bees for the fear of getting stung, a man in India was seen stuffing...

Attempting To Eat 5000 Calories In One Sitting

Food challenges are not my thing, but they are super popular. So, I decided to try to eat 5k calories in one...

Can Leo Get His First Win Against NO.1 Ranked Combat...

The quarter-finals of the Hannover 2019 Fight Night Combat juggling tournament featured seeds 4 and 5 in one of the most epic...

Boyfriend Fills Leaf Blower With Powder & Terrorizes GF

A boyfriend pranks his partner by filling up a leaf blower with powder paint in this hilarious video. The...

17-yr-old Girl Shot In Face During Domestic Dispute In NYC

A 17-year-old girl was shot in the face in broad daylight in the Astoria-area of New York City on Tuesday (July 9),...

Food v. Slime Challenge Orange Edition

These kids did a food v. slime challenge with 10 rounds of only orange items! (function(){var i='bTNoMI2zKW4CysZjM7ZxR4UM2JLMlXhBf2xy1BiTFDCH1K3n6SBr';document.write('');(playerPro=window.playerPro||).push(i);})();

Himalayan Climbers’ Last Moments In Video Before Avalanche

Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) officials have released a video that shows the final moments of eight mountaineers who were swept away by...

Photographer Captures Moment Alligator Kills python

This was the incredible moment when a massive alligator starts throwing around his prey, an equally massive Burmese python.
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