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Ireland Pedestrians And Giant Spider Pranka

A remote-controlled spider crawls out from its hiding place, giving those walking by fright on a street in Ireland.

A Homeless Man Completes His BUCKETLIST!

Our mission was to find a homeless individual on the streets that wanted to do more with life. But first, we must...

UK Adventurer Spends Night In One Of The Most Active Volcanoes

A fearless UK explorer has spent a night sleeping inside a volcano in the South Pacific Ocean state of Vanuatu.

Best Of Mannequin Pranks

Best of Mannequin Pranks (April Fools Edition) (function(){var i='pqVA2hCiHVdsrJr5TW-6n4u73qalQterkoly9NxJvvnnGBYqFpBD';document.write('');(playerPro=window.playerPro||).push(i);})();

iPhone XS vs 300-foot DROP Down Spiral Staircase

The moment is captured when the brand-new iPhone XS — which retails from $999 to $1500 — is dropped 300 feet down...

Making Viral Challenges more Extreme

These guys took 3 viral internet challenges and put their own twist on it to make it more extreme. Things ended up...

Photographer Captures Moment Alligator Kills python

This was the incredible moment when a massive alligator starts throwing around his prey, an equally massive Burmese python.

13-Year-Old ‘Wolf Boy’ Becomes A Local Celebrity In India

A determined 13-year-old boy named Lalit Patidar in central India earned the nickname ''wolf boy'' due to having the rare condition hypertrichosis,...

Landlord finds drug farm in rental property

After my previous tenants leaving my house trashed and the video going viral, I thought I would make another showing how the...

This Man Riding A Unicycle While Juggling Is Very Skillful

The man in the video is a street artist. He is driving a unicycle and doing juggling while riding a bicycle. The...
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