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Mother laughs nonstop after finding out what ‘queef’ means

A mother in Los Alamitos, California, laughed nonstop for more than two minutes after her daughter told her the meaning of the...

A plane coffee please! Thai cafe has WWII aircraft ON ROOF

This unusual cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, has a WWII airplane on the roof.  The Douglas C-47 Skytrain - named...

Avengers Fan Raps For Chris Pratt Arm Signed By Chris Evans

This is the moment a lucky fan got to rap for Hollywood star Chris Pratt at the premiere of "Avengers: Endgame" in...

Kung Fu Master Carries Buckets With Eyelids

A kung fu master named Wu Song carried buckets of water by his eyelids in southern China’s Sichuan Province.

Texas Farmer Tells Off ‘Prankster’ Teen Bull For Stealing Food

(function(){var i='-c9dC4n0tXsSvuZ-fEmZQz_Wh_nPXxFvLU9IZLN-1ysteF4p7rRb';document.write('');(playerPro=window.playerPro||).push(i);})(); At the Ima Survivor Sanctuary in Texas, farmer Lester Morrow found a mysterious and very strong prankster...

Boy Is Not Happy With Gender Reveal Result

An amusing video of a boy getting upset after he learns he is going to have a sister and not a brother. 

YouTuber Eats World’s Hottest Chili

Amusing footage of YouTuber James Ware eating "the world's hottest chili", the Carolina Reaper. 

22-Year-Old With A Massive Facial Tumor

A 22-year-old woman in east India marred by a massive facial tumor, that has led her to be cruelly branded by some...

Firecracker Power Test vs Pan

Most powerful firecrackers vs pubg pan. Can pan handle firecracker explosion. (function(){var i='cmrVnWXqOMJ7eVFL4H2u5MQur3Jq1ziJ6EIf7js71oy_R-83RAK1';document.write('');(playerPro=window.playerPro||).push(i);})();

Police Pull Over Couple To Reveal Pregnancy!

Heartwarming footage of a US Army veteran being told by police officers that his wife is pregnant. Hurst...
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