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Bizarre 12-hour lawnmower race held in Country village

Drivers revved their engines at the start of a strange 12-hour race. But there's a twist. They're racing on lawnmowers and...

A Homeless Man Completes His BUCKETLIST!

Our mission was to find a homeless individual on the streets that wanted to do more with life. But first, we must...

Puzzlemaker Designs Gigantic Rubik’s Cube

Puzzlemaker Tony Fisher has designed his latest huge contraption by making a man-sized Rubik's cube, hollowed out and big enough to fit...

Philippines Game Has people Racing To Lick Ice pop Clean

A bizarre party game in the Philippines was filmed where players race to eat ice lollies stuck in empty beer bottles. 

Feel the pain! Shin-Kicking Championships Are Excruciating

There is a world shin kicking championship. And it takes place in the picturesque village of Chipping Campden in England.

Man Pranks Neighbor By Calling Hundreds Of Crows To His Lawn

A UK dad uses a crow calling device to lure hundreds of crows into swarming his neighbor's garden. 

This Man Riding A Unicycle While Juggling Is Very Skillful

The man in the video is a street artist. He is driving a unicycle and doing juggling while riding a bicycle. The...

Old Thai Quarry, People Died In Now A Famous Waterpark

This abandoned quarry which claimed the lives of cliff-jumping thrillseekers has now been turned into a waterpark.  The...

Man Pranks Partner Planting Large Sex Toy In Her Luggage

A UK man pranked his partner causing them to go into a fit of laughter! By putting a...

Youtuber Replaces​ Car Tire With 200 iPhone Chargers

A YouTuber used 200 Apple iPhone chargers of varying sizes to replace a rubber tire. wrapping them around...
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